Chronic Cargo

Chronic Cargo

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Aprils Chronic Cargo definitely packs a punch this month!

Red Eye Glass has inspired us yet again!  Get ready to go old school and dig out your crime fighting tights for this months Chronic Cargo sesh.

Standing 8.5 inches tall with a classic comic book theme, this piece is unique for any glass collector.  The stylish goose neck design offers a secure grip when taking that rip!  Not to mention the more you hit it the more you activate its colour changing properties.

BANG on with two quartz bangers this month letting you take rip after rip until your POW in the face!

Stay safe with your very own MouthPeach starter kit by Moose Labs.  Because smoking cannabis is a sharing experience, we pass joints, pipes, and bongs that have touched the lips of countless friends and strangers. To be honest that whole sharing thing can be kind of gross and that's why Moose Labs came up with the MouthPeace. The MouthPeace is a filter and personal mouthpiece for pipes and bongs. You even stick a blunt in if it's fat enough.

The Moose MouthPeace bong filter has a carbon filter disc on the inside that is replaceable. It reduces harshness and filters out a bunch of those gross combustibles that taste so bad and you don't want going into your lungs. Besides filtering, the MouthPeace covers the top of a pipe so you can use it instead of the germ covered surface that your friend just put their lips on.

Okay, we could keep going but why when you can get yours delivered to your door, for FREE, and try out all the goodies for yourself! or a friend...they make great gifts.  *wink

We SELL OUT quickly and often so don't wait.  Guarantee that glass with a subscription.


Buying a subscription?  Here's what you can expect each month!

  • Complete Bong or Dab rig every month! (retail value 80.00+)
  • Minimum of 5 items each month
  • Canadian Shipping Included - tracking number provided
  • Discreetly delivered to your door

*Actual monthly items will vary*

Some example items:

  • Torch
  • Grinder
  • A variety of papers
  • A variety of dab tools
  • Titanium nail
  • A variety of smell proof products
  • A variety of cleaners 

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