Cannabis Smoking Accessories Subscription Box

Chronic Cargo

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Calling all glass lovers!  This box has been curated with you in mind.  Start building your collection today with your new cargo. 


About the glass of January...
Are you looking for a bong that is a little on the refined side of life? Then you should consider the 9 in. Genie recycled bubbler with banger. The bong may appear to be sophisticated and refined, but don't let appearances hold you back. When it comes to design, nothing can compare to the refined water recycled that makes it one of the most powerful bongs in the market today.
- Quality Borosilicate Glass
- 9" Height
- Base: 3.5"
- 4 mm Banger for 14 mm female joint
- Round deffuser
- Stemless
Bent neck
This January expect to unpack...
- 9 inch Genie Recycled Bubbler with banger & flower bowl
- Metal dab tool
- 1 pack of Juicy Fruit mixers gum
- 1 large square Silicone storage jar ~ various colours
- 2 packs of I-Tal hemp wick ~ each 3.5 feet long
- 1 Clipper lighter with removable flint for packing and cleaning your bowl



Buying a subscription?  Here's what you can expect each month!

  • Complete Bong or Dab rig every month! (retail value 80.00+)
  • Minimum of 5 items each month
  • Canadian Shipping Included - tracking number provided
  • Discreetly delivered to your door

*Actual monthly items will vary*

Some example items:

  • Torch
  • Grinder
  • A variety of papers
  • A variety of dab tools
  • Titanium nail
  • A variety of smell proof products
  • A variety of cleaners